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Building Stable Lives

Strong stable families are critical to strong, stable communities.  Many of us have been fortunate enough to have had this type of background, but many families face barriers that need an extra level of help to get them past the challenges keeping them from supporting themselves.  Common issues include a lack of education and job opportunities, or the presence of social and emotional problems.


Building Stable Lives Neighborhood Help

We partner with services in five neighborhood-based centers -- Brainerd, East Chattanooga, East Lake, Alton Park, and HighlandPark  -- to help families in those areas achieve stability throughcoaching and personal support.

Life coaches focus their clients on achieving goals in education and employment, housing, health, and access to life's basics.  We’re really proud to tell you over half of those completing the Building Stable Lives program exit with bigger income, more opportunities, and renewed hope. 

Lead agencies for our Building Stable Lives program are Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, and the Helen Ross McNabb Center at Fortwood. Other partners include Chattanooga Housing Authority, Erlanger Health Centers, Legal Aid of East Tennessee and the Tennessee Career Center.